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EuroSPI 2017 Conference 6.-8.9.2017, Ostrava, CZ

The conference deals with current hot topics to solve until 2030 in the Automotive and electronics area. This is reflected by the key notes:

- Volkswagen presents the new SQIL (SW quality improvement leader program) where
SQILs are educated at supplier side to establish joint improvement programs
and metrics (dashboard).

- The Austrian computer society presents new potential visions of functions,
markets, developments which accessibility can create. It is about ethics and product compliance and codex as well.

- A representative from the European Automobile Manufacturer Association
will present Gear 2030, a strategy panel and initiative to guide the Automotive
innovation towards 2030 with e-mobility, self driving cars, infrastructure
needs etc.

We involve lead industry leading industry and universities, representatives from e.g. Volkswagen, BOSCH, Continental, Elektrobit, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, AVL, SQS, Japanese Engineers Union, etc. lead workshops.

WS 1 Gamification of SPI
WS 2 Industry 4.0
WS 3 Best Practices in Implementing Traceability
WS 4 Good and Bad Practices in Improvement
WS 5 Functional Safety and Cybersecurity
WS 6 Experiences with Agile and Lean
WS 7 Standards and Assessment Models
WS 8 Team Skills and Diversity Strategies


Our publication series with SPRINGER shows 95000 (ninety five thousand) chapter dowmnloads in total, so what we discuss becomes really disseminated.

And our social events with leraning about regional cultures in Europe is exceptional this year again. Leran Czech culture, dance, food, and history.

WS7 integrated safety, cybersecurity and ASPICE 3.0 in an assessment model.

INTACS members have 20% reduction.


Chair of EuroSPI

Process Assessment Model for ISO20000

Intacs is glad to announce a new Process Assessment Model for ISO20000. The model has been created by Nehfort-IT-Consulting (www.nehfort.at) and verified by intacs for compliance with the requirements of ISO 15504 Part2. Nehfort-IT-Consulting is also conducting trainings based on the new PAM.

The new PAM can be downloaded from here.

New Certification Body: ECQA

New certification body for non-Automotive models

After a long period of successful cooperation with ISQI intacs has signed a contract with ECQA as new certification body, valid from 1st January 2015.

ECQA (European Certification & Qualification Association, www.ecqa.orgwill provide certification and registration services for assessors and training provider for:

  • ISO 15504 (SPICE)
  • TestSPICE
  • ISO 20000

Existing (still valid) certifications are not affected by the change. All new and re-certification application will be carried out from now on by ECQA.

Full adress: 

Weiterlesen: New Certification Body: ECQA

White Paper on Process Maturity Models (SPICE, CMMI) vs. Agile published!

Dear community members,  

the white paper, as announced on intacs.info and in the latest intacs newsletter, has been finished.

pdf White Paper Spice and Agile

We would be happy if this contributes to answering frequently asked questions and to clarifying myths with respect to Process Maturity Models (such as SPICE and CMMI) vs Agile. We also hope that it will trigger fruitful discussions and further work. We are looking forward to your feedback !

intacs Rating Guidelines

Dear community,

as you will remember in 2011 and 2013 intacs offered the module "Rating Guidelines" from the Provisional standard course materials for public download.

In the context of the new baseline 7 of those course materials the authros have updated and improved that module. It is now available for free download on

    downloads/PublicationsAndContent/"intacs Rating Guidelines BL7 v3.pdf"