intacs Member List

See below all organizations and individuals being registered as intacs e.V. members. If you want to become an intacs member please contact the executive board.

ACTANO GmbH Germany
ASTI Shanghai China
Business Cube & Partners, Inc. Japan
Christian Knüvener Germany
Compita Japan Company Ltd Japan
Conti Temic Microelectronic GmbH Germany
Daimler AG Germany
Delphi Delco electronics Europe GmbH Germany
Delphi Electronics & Safety Inc. USA
DNV IT Global Services GmbH Germany
Draeger Medical AG & Co.KG Germany
Fleckner und Simon Informationstechnik GmbH German
Fraunhofer Fokus Germany
Fraunhofer IESE Germany
Hartmut Gierszal Germany
GIGATRONIK Holding GmbH Germany
Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan
ISCN Ltd. Ireland
IT Consulting Ltd. Hungary
MB technology GmbH Germany
Memolux Ltd. Hungary
methodpark Software AG Germany
Musala Soft Bulgaria
Neusoft China/Germany
Peter Bölter Germany
Pierre Metz Germany
Piworx Ltd. United Kingdom
Q-move s.r.l. Italy
Ralf Kneuper Germany
Research Associates, Inc. (SRA) Japan 
Siemens AG Germany
Siemens Information Systems Ltd. India
Soft-Rating Ltd. Ukraine
SQS AG Germany
Stephenie Hodder Germany
SynSpace GmbH, AG Germany, Switzerland
TRW Automotive USA
Volker Lehmann Germany
Volkswagen AG Germany
wibas GmbH Germany
ZF Friedrichshafen Germany

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