Gate4SPICE Global AssessorTEam for SPICE

We organize the experience exchange between assessors!

Next Events:

2019-08-23-Gate4SPICE Event "ASPICE 3.x Experience Sharing"

2019-08-28-Gate4SPICE Event "Automotive Functional Safety (ISO26262) & Automotive SPICE"

2019-09-18-Gate4SPICE Event "Assessing DevOps and Re-Use in large Agile Software Projects"

Results are available:

2019-03-22-Gate4SPICE Event "ASPICE and Cyber Security”

2019-04-04-Gate4SPICE Event "Experiences with ASPICE PAM 3.1 and VDA Automotive Guideline"

2019-05-16-Gate4SPICE Event "AutomotiveSPICE 3.1 Assessments and Considerations"

2019-05-23-Gate4SPICE Event "Behavioral Clues in Assessments"