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Released Training Material


On this page you'll find the standard training material for the training courses hosted by intacs™. Currently the following trainings are available:

  • intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor
  • intacs™ certified Competent Assessor
  • intacs™ Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines

License disclaimer:

The material is subject of annual license fees, for details refer the fee structure (opens in new window). The files are password protected and you will get the password, if you hold a valid license.

Using this training material without a valid license is a violation of intacs rules and has the following impact:

  • A training conducted without a valid license will be declared as invalid and the participants are not entitled to join the exam.
  • A trainer using material without a valid license might lose the instructor license.
  • A training provider using material without a valid license might lose the training provider accreditation.

Remark for local translations:

The reference material is always the original English version. intacs™ does not warrant the correctness of translations into other languages. Only files relevant for the participants are translated, so keep in mind that the original version is still needed to conduct the training. It needs to be ensured, that a training provider conducting a training with translated material will provide the English version to the participants as well. If translated material is available for training course, it will be listed in the respective training section.


intacs™ certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive)

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Release Notes

PA_BL_10.3_English 10.3 EN editorial changes
PA_BL_10.3_Japanese 10.3 JP translation based on English version








intacs™ certified Competent Assessor (Automotive)

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Release Notes

CA_BL_08 English 8 EN editorial changes and adaption to new intacs-layout
CA_BL_7_DRAFT Japanese 7 draft JP translation based on English draft version BL 7








intacs™ Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE® Guidelines

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Release Notes

ASG_BL_1.5 English 1.5 EN

editorial changes and adaption to new intacs-layout

ASG_BL_1.4 Japanese 1.4 JP translation based on English version








 For any questions regarding the course material please contact the working group lead of the working group "Standard Course Material & Syllabi", Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or raise a ticket in the ticket system (opens in new window).

New Automotive SPICE PRM and PAM v2.5 available

The awaited revision of Automotoive SPICE has been released on 9th May. Both the Process Reference Model and Process Assessment Model files can be downloaded from
The following technical content changes have been made:

1. The concept of application parameters nhas been introduced (significance high):


An application parameter is a parameter containing indispensable/essential data applied to the system affecting overall system functions, behaviour or properties. The notion of application parameter is expressed in two ways: firstly, the logical specification (including name, description, unit, value domain or threshold values or characteristic curves, respectively), and, secondly, the actual quantitative data value it receives by means of data application.

Examples of application parameters are data sets to configure the set ups of power train or gear boxes.

2. Three new Base Practices now close gaps for system architectural design and software construction (significance medium):


ENG.3 New BP3: Develop verification criteria for each element of the system concerning the functional and non-functional system requirements based on the system architectural design

ENG.6 New BP2: Analyze software units in terms of interoperability, interaction, criticality, technical complexity, risks and testability

ENG.6 New BP3: Prioritize and categorize the identified and analyzed software units and map them to future releases.

3. The mapping of Base Practices and Output Work Products has been improved by  means of 13 new notes, 2 additions to existing notes, and 4
references to IEEE 829-2008 Standard for Software and System Test Documentation. (significance low (relevant for experts only))

(Automotive SPICE is a trademark registered by VDA)