TestSPICE 4.0 Released

Nach langer Arbeit ist - ein Jahr später als geplant- Die Version 4.0 von TestSPICE endlich freigegeben.

Wesentliche Neuerungen:

Komplette Abdeckung von ISO/IEC 29119

Vollständige Skalierbarkeit von Assessments durch neue Prozessarchitektur

Komplettierung der Agile Extention

Here you can download the complate PAM: TestSPICE V4.0

Was kommt als nächstes:

Ein neues Zertifizierungsschema für TestSPICE Assessoren,

Ein neues Training für TestSPICE Provisional und Competent Assessoren.

Für die TestSPICE SIG

Tomas Schweigert

Review Version of TestSPICE avaliable

The Version 3.17 is available for public review and piltoing.

The Version can be loaded from the download area by any registered user. Any comments and hints are welcome.


TestSPICE 3.0 at the QS Tag 2014 in Erlangen

Testspice 3.0 will be  presented at the QS-Day in Erlangen. http://www.qs-tag.de/abstracts/testspice-30/. TestSPICE co developers Klaudia Dussa Zieger and Thomas Rossner will give a brief insight into structure, processes capability levels and other features of TestSPICE 3.0. Due to the very interesting program the tickets for this event are already sold out. 

TestSPICE 3.0 approved by TestSPICE SIG,

The TestSPICE 3.0 PAM and PRM were finally approved at the Munic onsite meeting of the TestSPICE SIG October 10th 2014.

Pilot training and assessment were conducted and rated successful.

The new Version incorporates the gathered experiences with the previous version and the requirements stated in the test process standard. It is optimised to support the pragmatic improvement for quality assurance. 

The following features of TestSPICE(TM) 3.0 are available:

  • TestSPICE 3.0 Process Reference Model (PRM)
  • TestSPICE 3.0 Measurment Framework (Equal with ISO/IEC 15504 Part 5:2012 or AutomotiveSPICE(TM)
  • TestSPICE 3.0 Support for agile projects (as appendix)

Upcomig features:

  • Assessor Training 
  • Assessor Certification (According to Intacs scheme)

The process of validation (model and training) is started. The approval and availability of the complete service for TestSPICE is expected for the beginning of 2015.

Frequent updates (feedbacks / success stories / detailed analysis) will be provided here.

Current workstreams for further development:

  • To sample and evaluate example test strategies (e.g. automotive, finance, medical, gaming ...)
  • To develop adoption and tailoring guideliens for usage szenarios

The model is available for download at the download area of this side. You just have to register at this side to get access to the model.

Article about TestSPICE Released

Several professional articles are released explaining or mentioning TestSPICE:

Spice up your Testing (http://i3consult.biz/fileadmin/i3consult/PDF/i3_Consult_Spice_up_your_Testing_DE.pdf), Entwickler Magazin, January 2014

Immer wissen was läuft (http://i3consult.biz/fileadmin/i3consult/PDF/i3_Consult_Immer_wissen_was_laeuft.pdf"), windows.developer, April 2014

Always Know What's Going On (http://i3consult.biz/fileadmin/i3consult/PDF/i3_Consult_Always_Know_Whats_Going_On.pdf), Testing Experience, September 2014