intacs certified ISO 15504 Provisional Assessor for TestSPICE

Erfolgreich durchgeführt

Das erste Training, das die neuen und ergänzten Inhalte der Version 3.0 (final draft) beinhaltet wurde erfolgreich durchgeführt.


Weiterlesen: TestSPICE Kurs 2014 in Wien durchgeführt

The upcoming new version TestSPICE 3.0 was successfully presented at the 2014 EuroSPI Conference at the Centre Henry Tudor in Luxemburg by delivering a half day tutorial and presenting a paper. 

Learn more about TestSPICE at the EuroSPI at EuroSPI 2014 conference website.

Die neue Version TestSPICE 3.0 ist in der Pilotphase. Bereits heute werden die Features der weiterentwickelren Version von TestSPICE intensiv diskutiert wie der folgende Artikel aus Entwickler.de zeigt.

Link zum Artikel: TestSPICE 3.0 die erste Wahl für agile Testprozesse 

Member of the TestSPICE Steering Committee

Frankfurt, May 5, 2015: At this year's planning meeting of the TestSPICE SIG (Special Interest Group) important tasks were launched. Hereby, two vital issues - the development of the versions TestSPICE 3.33 and the TestSPICE 4.0 are brought onto the roadmap. Besides of INTACS, the new TestSPICE 3.33 is going to be established as an ISO standard. TestSPICE will enter the world of international standards.  




The Version 2 of the SPICE compliant assessment set to analyses the Testing Processes is published

pdf The Test SPICE PAM

The current Version (2.0) already includes a big number of enhancements gathered from the
experiences in using the Model to analyse and improve Testing Processes.

The model is validated by intacs and accepted as a supported model and ISO 15504-2 compliant assessment model.

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