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2014-07-08 Gate4SPICE Event: “Variant Handling in the Integration”

Geschrieben von Joachim Fleckner am Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014 14:15.

Brief description:

2014-07-08: Gate4 SPICE Event "Variant Handling in the Integration"

In order to increase the efficiency in the automotive development, more and more modular strategies are used. The variant handling in the integration of these components has a particular importance. In SPICE assessments complexity of integration on software and system level is very often underestimated when it comes to the consideration of the possible variants, in particular with regard to non-coded software which will become functional by configuration and application data only. Therefore this Gate4SPICE meeting will deal with the engineering processes on the right side of the V model primarily (ENG.6 - ENG.10) and highlight all the integration requirements.
The Event will be held in English Language!


2014-09-25 Gate4SPICE Event: “Managing 3rd Party Software”

Geschrieben von Admin WG Assessor Info am Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014 19:54.

Brief description:

2014-09-25: Gate4 SPICE Event "Managing 3rd Party Software"

Today high class cars have up to 100 Mio Lines of Code and the exponential growth of software within the car industry is continuing. Up to 80 percent of this software is 3rd party software, which is integrated by OEMs and TIER1 into the Electronic Control Units of cars. The Event will be held in English!


White paper on 'Process Maturity Model vs Agile' progressing

Geschrieben von Pierre Metz am Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014 15:27.

Dear community members,

as announced in one of the last newsletters 4 colleagues from the community are working on a white paper on clarifying myths with Agile vs Process Maturity Models. The white paper will presumably be published by the end of 2Q 2014 at the latest.

The abstract will presumably be as follows (may receive changes, however):

 "For more than one decade there has been a lot of controversy with respect to Agile methods and process assessment / process maturity models such as CMMI and ISO/IEC 15504-2 compliant SPICE models. The reasons may be various, e.g. mutual half-knowledge of protagonists, lack of sufficient professional experience, or even intention in order to reach ‘political’ goals in organizations etc. Unfortunately, this hampers embracing, and capitalizing on, the process and method state-of-the-art, sometimes even leading to recurring and prevailing 'undamentalism”'or 'religious wars'.  For those reasons, in this white paper we try to clarify the most frequently “myths” we have encountered in Section 5 by highlighting their root causes and offering answers from our perspective. As an important prerequisite, in Section 2 we initially orientate the reader about what the term “process” exactly is to mean at what level of abstraction. Subsequently, we briefly explain the nature and purpose of both Agile methods and process maturity models in Sections 3 and 4, respectively."


New Version of intacs Rating Guidelines

Geschrieben von Pierre Metz am Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014 13:39.

Dear community,

as you will remember in 2011 and 2013 intacs offered the module "Rating Guidelines" from the Provisional standard course materials for public download.

In the context of the new baseline 7 of those course materials the authros have updated and improved that module. It is now available for free download on

    downloads/PublicationsAndContent/"intacs Rating Guidelines BL7 v3.pdf"



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