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HW PRM/PAM release date

Dear all,

the intacs working group "Hardware PRM/PAM" is goint to publish the first release by the end ov Nov 2019. With this first release we will have satisifed the agenda we defined in 2018. It is therefore offered to the public for review and trials.

Since we expect great interest and, thus, change requests and suggestions, this first release will not necessarily be the final one. The working group is organizing working meetings for 2020.


New intacs procedure valid from July 1st, 2018

Since 1st of July 2018 a new assessor certification and experience evidence procedure available on www.intacs.info applies.

The new procedure has been setup to address the input of the VDA QMC working group 13 with respect to specific requirements from the automotive domain. Another goal was to clear up and strengthen trhe role of the lead assessor as required by the 330xx series of standards.

In general only lead assessors (competent, principal or instructor) are affected by the changes, no changes apply for the provisional level.

All certification rules are now PAM-dependent in general. This was necessary to adopt the different requirements on assessor certification from the different domains. Intacs has added two additional types of evidence in the EE-concept:

  • Active assessment experience now necessary for renewal of lead assessor license (EE-AL)
  • Active training now necessary for renewal of instructor license (EE-CT)

Due to this changes in the experience evidence concept a new numbering scheme has been introduced, see the new procedure "Concept of EE".

For all assessors of the automotive domain lead assessors the participation in a “Intacs Introduction to VDA Automotive SPICE Guideline” course for Automotive SPICE lead assessors is now required for the frirst certification and the renewal of the assessor license.

As an additional change all renewal criteria of lead assessors with respect to required assessment experience have been harmonized. Last but not least any cross-certification is now restricted to intacs competent assessors from other certification bodies. A cross-certification for other models such as CMMI is not possible any more.

An overview and additional information are available in the following presentation:

pdf Assessor Information VDA SYS 2018 (2.54 MB)


Upcoming Gate4SPICE Events

For 2019, the following events are planned. Events are held in German or English language (as announced for each event).

2019-11-13-Gate4SPICE Event "Automotive SPICE as a supplier sourcing criteria"

2019-11-26/27-Gate4SPICE Event "Future of ASPICE in High Technology Environments"

2019-12-04-Gate4SPICE Event "Open Source, the new challenge for ASPICE"

2019-12-06-Gate4SPICE Event "How to assess SUP.1 process in Agile and Classic project setup"

Process Assessment Model for ISO20000

Intacs is glad to announce a new Process Assessment Model for ISO20000. The model has been created by Nehfort-IT-Consulting (www.nehfort.at) and verified by intacs for compliance with the requirements of ISO 15504 Part2. Nehfort-IT-Consulting is also conducting trainings based on the new PAM.

The new PAM can be downloaded from here.